Bouncing Bomb: Redux


Phil Ruston set the community fuse alight recently when people started getting interested in this exciting, perma-bouncing platformer.


We reached out to him and have secured the rights to publish the game on cassette for fans of all things physical !


Featuring a string of ever more infuriating levels, this game really has the "one more go" feeling on tap and you'll certainly be needing them as you explode time after time as you try to figure out the way through each expertly designed level as you head towards your showdown with a critical reactor.


If you've yet to play this game, we can do nothing but recommend it as it's a fantastic example of a simple concept that's easy to pick up but very hard to put down. Simple gameplay gives way to sheer panic as you try to navigate the levels and, well, a little panic (and perhaps a soupcon of terror) is great for all of us !


David Saphier has also lent his expert skills to this project to produce a special version just for Bumfun featuring an excellent AY soundtrack that just adds to the pressure. This version is unavailable elsewhere !


First 5 limited edition copies are on "danger sign yellow" tapes


To check out Phils excellent website and see what he's up to with ZX Spectrum hardware and more visit:




Click the link above to email or send manually to GEORGEBUM999@GMAIL.COM