Hello and welcome to BUM FUN GAMING

Hello, I’m George Bum and welcome to the Bumfun gaming website! I run this business with my friend Jamie who oversees the game design and production and also helps me out by providing all of the artwork for our releases. Together we have built the largest modern ZX Spectrum software house and we are very proud of it!

Here you’ll find the online shop for BUM FUN SOFTWARE, for all your ZX Spectrum and retro gaming needs, links to my FUNKYSPECTRUM YOUTUBE CHANNEL (NSFW) and other interesting information.

Feel free to join my facebook FANPAGE or add me as a FRIEND. I run SPECTRUM UNLIMITED on facebook along with my friends and am also heavily involved in SPECTRUM FOR EVERYONE

Just in case you were wondering, the name “BUMFUN” comes from my youtube name “George Bum”. The “Bum” in the name comes from the times of old arcade games with 3 letter hi-score entry tables. I would always use the word “Bum” as I wanted to write something silly but I am disabled so my parents would come to collect me from the machines and I didn’t want to write something too bad as they would be angry if they saw it so “Bum” it was and “Bum” it still is !

This site is certainly not about bottoms, or any entertainment that may or may not be derived from them. Definitely not.

Please select one of the options from the menu at the top of the page. I hope that you enjoy your stay (not in an ‘Overlook hotel’ sort of way).