NEXT Level

I am delighted to announce that we will be working with developers to offer new and exciting software for the ZX SPECTRUM NEXT, the latest iteration in the ZX Spectrum line which recently smashed all its kickstarter targets with aplomb.

It even surpassed the £750,000 goal, for the second joystick port which Henrique kindly added after I petitioned him and got the community behind this feature.

This was a big thing for us (myself and the programmers) at bumfun as it means we can work on some really interesting twin stick titles, the first of which will be a re-imagining of an all time arcade classic that’s being worked on already by a fantastically gifted programmer that, without twin sticks, just simply wouldn’t be the same.

Keep your eyes peeled here and on social media for updates about NEXT LEVEL SOFTWARE as once our development boards arrive in August we’ll be getting to work in earnest on some excellent exclusive titles guaranteed to be at the vanguard of the NEXT gaming experience!