I’ve been doing my FUNKYSPECTRUM youtube channel for quite a while now. I had a long(ish) break while I was in hospital on a few occasions but I’ve been pretty consistent with content for quite some time now, aiming for at least 2-3 videos per week. In an ideal world I’d be doing more and if you want to help me with that then you could become a patron, see the PATREON page here for information about that.

I’ve always aimed for quite a diverse approach to my channel and cover computer and console games, gaming scene news, political hot potatoes (sometimes literally), life hacks, film reviews/commentaries and more.

If you’re not already aware of the channel and you enjoy retro gaming then I’m sure you’d find something over there that would interest you.

I do all of my videos (apart from when stated) completely live and with no script. For me, this makes them far more interesting to create as I’m kept mentally occupied whilst talking and for my viewers I think they get something above and beyond the pre-prepared, cribbed from wikipedia stuff that a lot of other reviewers present. I try to do my videos in my own unique style instead of following the herd and I hope you’ll find them fun and interesting.

NB: Almost all of my output is somewhat NSFW as I tend to get carried away with trains of thought and even as the creator* I never know what station we’ll pull into next!


*Video creator, that is. I wasn’t implying that I’m god. Having said that, if god spent all his time generating extremely niche gaming content on youtube it might explain why the world is in such a mess. Food for thought there.